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Using our Ad Server Technology, we rotate your websites (click to see how sites are displayed) through our own network of websites as well as our partner sites. You can learn more about the history of our network of websites and those of our partner networks here.

Our Adservers contain different categories of traffic which is what determines the kind of traffic each website receives. This system also insures that the traffic is 'trackable" by our system and also at your server level. Third Party tracking services, including Google Analytics, will not give you an exact count but will give you a close approximation of the more accurate exact count found in the stats area of our Ad Servers.  For an interesting discussion on what happens with Google Analytics read this independent case study http://www.seomoz.org/blog/how-reliable-is-google-analytics

We GUARANTEE that we will get your site in front of the numbers of visitors that you ordered or for the time period you ordered, We DO NOT GUARANTEE that the visitors will buy anything from your website or sign up for your program unless specifically stated so in the description for the kind of traffic you ordered. If your site is interesting to the visitor or offers value to them, you will that many times they will bookmark your site and come back to visit at a later time when they are ready to buy your products or services or join your program. We see it happen all the time on this site!

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