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We understand how confusing some things can be when you are new to it, such as Internet Marketing, or may not be familiar with the terminology.
We have tried to explain the program with as much information as we could throughout this website, so let's refer to the website to try to clarify and answer your questions.
The 3 second summary is found in the headlines at the top of the homepage.  We have a delivery system for the lowest costs you are likely to find anywhere for website traffic.  You get paid by first referring people to the eTrafficMatrix.com but only when they become a paid member.  We don't pay you for people who sign up for Free (the Affiliate Only level).
On the homepage of the website, it says "YOU pick the level of Benefits you want to receive and the Affiliate commission rate you want to earn. Depending upon the Membership level you choose, we will help you promote your replicated referral website."
We have 6 levels of membership.  Each level has its own costs, benefits, and commission rate associated with it. The Affiliate Only level is free to join and there is no costs associated with it.  However, there are no real benefits associated with Affiliate Only either other than the ability to earn a commission for referring people who become paid members.  The different levels of membership are explained on the Details page (top Navigation Bar, Details button).
All membership levels, including Affiliate Only, receive a free self-replicating website with their referral ID embedded in it.  There is no cost for this website and we host it on our servers so there is no hosting cost involved to you either.  It is one of the marketing tools we make available to you to help you make money by bringing in more paid members to the eTrafficMatrix system.

All membership levels  get access to ad blasters and other great marketing tools inside the Member's Area. Those Members who join at the Gold level and above receive unlimited traffic to the url of their choice for the period of time indicated with each membership level (see Details page from top Navigation bar).

eTrafficMatrix.com is not MLM program.  You are paid only on those direct referrals who join at one of the paid membership levels.


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